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Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts is a product designer currently living and working in Austin, TX.

Garden State Tile


Garden State Tile


High fidelity web page mockups




Garden State Tile


UI design


Garden State Tile, a New Jersey based tile and stone company, requested a redesign of their website to showcase their inventory for prospective buyers. Their drill-down navigation required many steps to view a product and their “save to portfolio” feature was not very discoverable.


After examining the current experience and identifying pain points, I implemented an improved site architecture and navigation designed around a user’s journey of browsing tiles, saving to portfolio, and requesting an appointment. I also reduced cognitive load by introducing more visual hierarchy on each page, emphasizing the most important elements to the user. The updated design is clean and minimal, placing the focus on the product.

User flow

I began by first going through their existing site from the perspective of a potential buyer, identifying pain points in the process. These pain points helped me to define an improved information architecture to support a better user journey through the site.


After determining information architecture, I created wireframes for each WordPress page template. This allowed me determine hierarchy of information and visualize the user flow from screen to screen.


Visual Comps

After testing and tweaking interactions in InVision, I moved on to creating high fidelity comps of each main template.