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Amy Roberts

Amy Roberts is a product designer currently based in Austin, TX.

Published February 12, 2016

Video Prototype: Uber


I was tasked with creating a 1-2 minute video prototype showing the motivation, use, and functionality of a transportation app. I chose Uber because I am very familiar with the service and could construct a relatable scenario around it.

I began by doing some visual research on Uber. Because Uber caters to business-related users as well as casual users and uses a sleek, professional aesthetic in their marketing, I wanted to create a more serious tone for my video. Rather than focusing on specific elements of the user interface, I chose to focus on human use of the app, showing how someone can benefit from the convenience and swiftness of the ride-sharing service.

The video begins with a woman waking up in the morning and getting ready, putting on business attire. She walks and then runs towards the bus stop, but just as she is arriving at the bus stop, she misses the bus. After a moment of stress, she checks her phone, and we see that she has an interview at 10am.

Seeing cars pass by remind her of another option. She pulls out her phone and opens the Uber app, which she then uses to request an UberX. A car pulls up quickly and she gets in. She is then dropped off in a new location, and we see her walking towards the place of her interview before the screen cuts to the Uber logo.

Screenshot 2016-02-12 14.18.05


I created several storyboards to illustrate my story. These helped me to visualize what my shots would look like, and they also allowed me to group shots together, shooting several from different points in the story at once.



The use of music works well in setting a serious tone for the video, and timing cuts to the music helps create a flow for the sequence of shots. In addition to this, the simplicity of the storyline emphasizes the purpose and usefulness of the service, and the easily-relatable scenario helps to evoke empathy in the viewer.

One thing that I could have improved is the detail of interaction with the user interface. While it is pretty clear that the user has requested an Uber through the app once a car is seen arriving, it would have been better to include a notification that the Uber driver had accepted the request, along with an estimated time of arrival.

The quality of the video could have been improved by using a tripod to reduce camera shake. Better photography equipment and editing software would have given me more control over things like focus, ISO, and color balance.

Overall, the design seems to effectively illustrate the motivation, use, and functionality of Uber, but I think that adding more detail to the UI section would help clarify specific interactions for people who have never used Uber before.

Screenshot 2016-01-21 19.53.44Screenshot 2016-01-21 20.05.14Screenshot 2016-01-21 19.55.25Screenshot 2016-01-21 19.57.03




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